#10 Bisato


When David and I arrived back in Seattle, we couldn’t wait to get our feet in the door of a few of our favorite restaurants. Bisato was one of them and #10 on my “Things to do in Seattle before I leave list”. Normally I’m not a fan of Chefs with an attitude, but what Chef Scott Carsburg presents at his Venetian Tapas Bar is spectacular. I am willing to overlook Scott’s less than amiable reputation in the hospitality industry because the quality of the food is exceptional and the location of the restaurant is extremely convenient (across the street from the condo).

Bisato’s theme is modern Italian and you will certainly not find Eggplant Parmesan, Bruschetta, or Meatballs on the menu. Chef Carsburg offers a selection of imported salumi, and cheeses to start off dinner. He is the only one allowed to cut the cheese and salami by hand, or slice the speck or prosciutto. Although, if I had a hand slicer that cost almost $15,000, I may be just as anal. Each dish at Bisato matches Chef Carsburg’s talent and creativity. Some menu items may sound too adventurous, look too abstract, or have questionable combinations of ingredients, but I assure you that everything on the menu is divine. After 16 months of steady attendance, my husband and I are considered restaurant regulars and Chef Carsburg treats us as such. He has always been generous and has treated us with respect (although on one occasion I did catch a fleeting glimpse of the Gordon Ramsey-esque Chef which was quite uncomfortable). Scott always comes over to chat with us during dinner and brings over a dish on the house. The restaurant has tapas style portions, but unfortunately not the usual tapas prices . After eating my way through London this winter, I realize how lucky we are to have this restaurant located directly across the street. The restaurant is not known for its warm atmosphere, but it is definitely a place where you are guaranteed to have an incredible one of a kind meal while sipping one of Bisato’s deliciously unique or classic cocktails.

Apology’s for the lack of photos for this post, but I respect the Chef’s request to discourage photos taken in his restaurant.


Back Across the Pond

As luck would have it, as soon as I posted Back to Emerald City, we received a phone call requesting that David come back to England. I was feeling a mixture of emotions because I was thrilled that we were getting the opportunity to go back, but sad to leave our home and friends so soon after we unpacked. It’s hard to say goodbye’s again after having just said hello to the people whom you love, and I’m already having separation anxiety from our kitchen, pantry, bed and closet.

While David and I were discussing our excitement and disappointment with the timing, he came up with a brilliant idea. Since there were ten days left before we packed up and shipped out again, David suggested that I make a list of my top 10 things to do in Seattle before I leave. To celebrate his great idea, we headed across the street to one of our favorite restaurants and my #10 spot.  The top ten won’t be in order of importance, but I will try to post daily so stay tuned.

Until then I’ll be getting excited about going back to a place where Union Jack is King, Her Majesty is Queen, and I’ll dream about the beer, blood pudding, chips and cheeses that are in my near future.

The English Countryside

Lots of Cider and fireplaces in my future

Blood Pudding

Triple Fried British Chips

Goat Cheese Galore