How Far They Have Come

Things have taken quite a turn at the Bro Shack recently. I had received a request from Brother Frank to incorporate more Mexican cuisine into the weekly routine (The Brothers blame this on Brother Frank being stationed in Arizona twenty … Continue reading

The Irreplaceable One

It’s been so long since my last post about the Brothers, that many of you may not know what exactly I do for a living (life isn’t one big holiday for me ya know, although from my blog posts the past 6 months, I can certainly see why one might think that). In a nutshell, my job is perfect…for me. I’m a private cook for 8 Irish Christian Brothers that are affiliated  with a gorgeous cathedral and high school in downtown Seattle. Over the past year I have worked for them, I have become the matriarch of their “family” and like a true matriarch, they test my patience at every turn. I fill the role of mother, sister, friend, and more recently (and reluctantly), a nurse. They introduce me to others as “the boss” and that’s the way I like it.

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